Working Moms Group

For so many of us, when we have our first baby, we leave the support network we have at work.  We leave the people that see us every day, that know what we like to eat for lunch and which co-workers annoy the hell out of us.  We leave friends that may have seen us through break-ups and marriages, who have seen us fail miserably and come back in the next day to pick up the pieces.  And we leave them to be home, mostly,  home alone –  with a non-verbal, eating, pooping, puking machine.

And then, if you are lucky again, you meet some mom friends.  As you slog through this new and unknown realm of being a mom, you find support and community.  Most of the time it looks really different than what you may have found at work.  No one is gunning for your position – bleeding nipples – no thanks!.  The women in your group are all fighting their own unique and hard battles.  Mom friends are a new thing.  They are different from work friends.  You talk about poop and then you talk about sex.  You are all struggling to find your way on this very new path and the bonds can form quickly and tightly.

And then it’s over. Then you are going back to work.  Back to a place where Susie might just want your corner office and Joe is nice, but he’s more interested in your next monthly report than how sleeping training is going.  And just like when you left, when you come back to work, it can feel like you are cast adrift again.
And that’s why Working Moms Group is important.  It’s a chance to reconnect and recharge.  To be back in that place of moms and babies, where we don’t always have black and white answers and an quantitative goal to achieve.  This is a place where all we really want to do is to build you up, so that you can leave and know that you can go out there and do it again this week.

Working Moms Group is a continuation of the same community and support that you relied on during maternity leave.  It’s a continuation of the same concepts that Katie Madden developed for Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint (take that class).  Moms returning to work already have so many hurdles to jump.  Use your weekend to build back your reserves.  Fill up your cup with support, community and laughter.  See you on Saturday, mamas.

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