What Is ‘Toddler Talks’?

The day we conceived our second child my 17 month old grew horns. She turned into a miniature devil who sought to challenge me both mentally and physically. She threw herself on the ground, hit me, refused to nap and wanted to do every single task “by myself!”. I was a behavioral specialist for Pete’s sake, how could this be happening?

The truth is she was right on track for being a toddler. Raising toddlers is hard and there are not many resources to help guide us through the trenches of toddler-hood. In Toddler Talks we explore how to shape these common and frustrating behaviors into celebrated independence. Structured yoga and creative movements specifically designed for 1-3 year olds introduces participating in a group setting, taking turns and following directions. Don’t let this scare you away, no one gets kicked out for ignoring directions and not sharing, it’s all just for practice.

The goal for parenting is to raise our children to be independent. Children are much more capable than we realize. Courtney will share her favorite tips and tricks to help your child take on more responsibility and take a few jobs off your list.

Courtney has a master’s degree in education, bachelor’s in psychology and over a decade of experience teaching yoga. Toddler Talks is a lighthearted blend of her professional experiences, and honest stories from one mother to another.

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