The Founders

Our Story

Libbie and Courtney met at a Mommy and Me playgroup.  They shared similar stories of isolation and frustration as new moms.   In 2015 they formed 4th Trimester Support, bringing the mind/body concepts of yoga to newborn mothers in a safe and nurturing setting.  The Mothers’ Space is an expansion of the concepts of 4th Trimester Support, creating a comfortable, non-judgemental community to support and connect new moms.


Courtney Loughney  M.Ed, E-RYT

Courtney has been a yoga instructor for over 10 years, and always dreamed of being a mother. After the birth of her first child she found herself isolated and struggling, “I never would have thought it could happen to me.” Caught between postpartum depression and D-MER, Courtney searched for support, but never found exactly what she was looking for. With the birth of her second child, Courtney vowed to take care of herself first, manage D-MER if it were to return, and most importantly talk about her struggles instead of hiding them.

Courtney is the owner of Le Petit Yogi and lives in Wilmington, Delaware with her husband and two children. It was through her Itty Bitty Yogi class that she found some mamas were coming to her baby yoga class for more than just something fun to do with Baby. In fact, for some it was the first thing that had gotten them out of the house in months.

“Combining a background of psychology, mindfulness, yoga, education and personal experience, I believe Libbie and I have created an honest, non-judgmental, must have workshop and ongoing support for all expecting and new mothers.”

Libbie Fiechter, RYT

Photo Kelli Wilke

Libbie is a yoga teacher and the mother of three boys.  After the difficult birth of her first son, she struggled with Postpartum Depression.  During that time, Libbie struggled to find resources for treatment and community.  Her journey created a passion to change   the landscape for women’s health, maternal healthcare and  postpartum mood disorders.

After the birth of her second son, Libbie left a beloved career in development and construction to stay home with her children.  Her training as a yoga teacher helped her find healing, wellness and a renewed intention to serve other mothers in the postpartum period.

Libbie seeks to bring kindness and honesty to practical and challenging classes and groups for mothers.

“Sugarcoating is for M&M’s”