Stretching for Balance

Dr. Alexandra Sacks, recently did a TED talk on the word matrescence. She explains that similar to adolescence (describing the period of transition from child to adult), ‘matrescence’ is a word that we need to describe the transition to motherhood. And she goes on to say that, this time of change, physical, mental and emotional is not easy, in fact, it is hard.

It is hard because we are now constantly pushed and pulled between the ever present needs of our children and our own needs and desires. And our society tells us that if we are not blissfully happy with this new balancing act, then we are selfish, ungrateful, un-motherly and unwomanly. With the arrival of Millennial Mothers, we are starting to have real conversations about what motherhood is really like. We are starting to be honest about the constant push and pull of motherhood, careers, marriages, and last, but not least, ourselves.

As these public conversations were beginning, Courtney and I created 4th Trimester. In the past three years this class has been informed by experts in our community and beyond and it has changed as our own experiences and practices have grown and changed. This fall, we are refocusing on the 4th Trimester Series and Itty Bitty Yogis, bringing the practices of yoga to newborn mothers in an accessible and realistic way.

If you are in the middle of rocking a screaming baby, sitting down to feed for the 45th time today, or feeling like you would pay obscene amounts of money for an hour of sleep, you may wonder how yoga is going to help you. Yoga helps you stretch and balance. The physical practice of yoga can help stretch and balance your body, but the larger practices of mindfulness can help you find balance amid the push and pull of motherhood, without pain and without suffering. Join us in a safe and welcoming place to explore your own matrescence and the amazing, messy, beautiful world of motherhood.

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