Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bottle or Boob – You are Welcome Here

We welcome both formula feeding and breastfeeding moms.  We have classes and groups to support both formula feeding moms and breastfeeding moms.



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Do I need to register for classes?

yes.  Our classes have a limited number of spaces, so we ask moms to pre-register.  Attending a whole series of classes helps to build community with the other moms and lets us build each class in series onto the previous classes.

Which Class Should I take?

Where ever you are on your journey as a mother, we hope that we have a class or group that will fit your needs.  Mothers who are less than six weeks postpartum or have not yet been cleared for exercise can participate in 4th Trimester, 4th Trimester Again and Fearless Formula Feeders.  Itty Bitty Yogis may be suitable for some moms before six weeks postpartum, but these mothers will be provided with modifications to make the movements safe for healing bodies.  For liability reasons mothers must be at least six weeks postpartum AND have their doctor’s or midwives approval for Mama Baby Bootcamp and Barre Babies.  

Mothers with older infants or children can try Bubbles and Sh*t, targeted at mothers with babies who are crawling through preschool.  4th Trimester Again is open to mothers with more than one child.  Moms are invited to bring their infants and older children with them.   Yoga for Kids: Coffee for Moms is a chance for moms with preschool and elementary kids to get a break to chat with other moms while their kids are engaged in learning and movement.

Is my baby too old/young for this class?

Probably not.  You can look on our Classes page to see descriptions and target age/developmental range for each class.  These are guidelines, not requirements.  If you want to to participate in a group or class, we want to have you.  Most of our programs are targeted at moms with babies under 18 months old, but again this is flexible.

Can I bring my baby?

Yes!  Most of the time.  Morning classes are for moms and babies (and sometimes toddlers).  Evening workshops and classes are designed for moms only – because we ALL need some ‘me’ time.

My baby is really fussy.  I’m afraid he will disrupt the class.  

Listen, mama.  This is the place for fussy babies and the awesome moms that are keeping those little people alive.  Bring your baby, grab a cup of tea and if it’s your lucky day, one of our awesome volunteers or leaders will hold your baby for a little while (with your permission of course!)

I can make it to a class, but my baby is at daycare.  Can I still come?

Yes!  We are here for moms first.  That means that you can bring your baby with you  – or not.   Sometimes it’s nice to talk to other moms without your baby in tow.  We also welcome NICU moms or moms in other situations where they cannot bring babies with them.

Do you have a Dad’s Group?

We are working on it.

I’m hungry all the time.  Can I bring food?  

Yes!  Bring food.  Eat food.

What do I need to bring? 

For our weekly classes we suggest that you wear comfortable clothing.  Our studio space is a no shoe area, so many moms like to wear socks.  If you are bringing your baby, we suggest a blanket that you can put on the floor, under your baby.  We have mats and blankets for moms to use at The Space.

I’m running late.  Should I skip class?

We try to start our classes on time, but we also understand that if you are a little behind schedule, that is the exact day that your baby will have a car seat destroying blow-out.  Don’t stress.  Come when you can.  If you come in late, that’s fine.  If you miss the class, you can have some coffee.

Oh, Sh*t! I forgot diapers (or wipes, or butt paste, etc)

If you forget something, there’s a good chance that we have what you need at The Space.  If not, there’s a good chance that another mom has what you need.  We do not have items for sale at The Space.

Are there things that I can’t say at the Mothers’ Space?

Yes!  “Enjoy every second.” and “It goes by so fast” are banned here.


No Shoes, No Shirt – No problem!

Come as you are.  There’s no dress code and we understand that showers can be a luxury for new moms.