About Us

Photo Angie Gray
Our mission is to hold space for mothers, particularly mothers in the first year.   In this safe, non-judgmental and nurturing space we create opportunities for support, community and personal growth through classes, workshops and support groups.  We seek to destroy the stigma and isolation associated with perinatal mental illness, pelvic dysfunction, formula feeding and other parenting issues by treating mothers with compassion, respect and honesty.  We connect women with peers and the area’s leading experts in postpartum health to help them find healing, confidence and strength in their choices as a mother.  

Our Philosophy

We created The Mothers’ Space as a gathering place for moms.  As a place to get out of the house. As a place to be away from the hustle and bustle of the world around us.  This is a Space to be a mother.  To be seen and heard as you navigate one of the toughest and most challenging roads that exists.  We believe that we are the best mothers when we are our best selves.  The Mothers’ Space is about creating room for you to be your best self, by providing nurturing support for you and your baby; connections to experts, friends and other moms; and creating opportunities for real growth, through creative expression, learning and service.