Why The Mothers’ Space

We created the mothers space to provide a safe, comfortable place for moms in the newborn stage and beyond.  Our classes and groups are designed to support mothers wherever they are on their journey. We believe that surrounding mothers with compassion, respect and honesty encourages them to listen to their own intuition and make the best choices for themselves and their children.

We don’t believe that there is a right way to feed babies, help kids sleep or parent children.  Our programs focus on listening to women and helping them tap into their own inner wisdom so that they can confidently choose what is best for this unique child.  Our classes are based on experiential learning, not do’s and dont’s.  Our groups are sanctuaries for tough questions and emotional support.

This is a place for unwashed hair, sore nipples and soft bellies.  This is a community that is real about what it means to be a mother and committed to what it takes to be a village.


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Photo Credit: Angie Gray www.angiegray.com